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Welcome to  Home of all things Fitness & Wellness; Becky's Fit Club, Yoga, Health Coaching, Plant-Based Nutrition and a bunch of other random stuff that I decide to have on my website!!


Just a few days left with Yours Truly... By now you've likely heard about my upcoming changes... if not, the short version is that I'll be going into at least temporary fitness retirement and closing up shop at the end of March.  I'll be going away for most of April to rest, to think and to plan my next adventures.  When I'm back home and know more of what's to come I promise to update you all.

**Becky's Farewell Zumba Class - Monday, 3/30 from 5:30-6:45pm**

Join me for one last dance... March 30th will be my final Zumba class; well, at least for a little while. I'll be taking some time off and making some changes to my work life/schedule. BUT... nothing would make me happier than to have YOU join me for one last crazy round of Zumba at the Skatium!

I hope to have a few special guests and will be playing all of my favorite songs from over the years in this 75-minute class. If you have come and enjoyed Zumba with me in the past, please make the time to join me for this final round of craziness!

Zumba will continue at the Skatium! 
Starting on Tuesday, 3/31 here's the new schedule:

   **Zumba with Gil Gonzalez on Mondays & Tuesdays from 5:30-6:15p
   **Zumba with Sherry on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:15p

Yoga on the Beach on hold until May!

As stated above, I'll be away for most of April but I intend to book-in more Beach Yoga dates as soon as I return in May.  Check back for more info...

Namaste my friends~


**For more information on Health Coaching, Personal Training or Plant-Based Nutrition services, CLICK HERE...

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